A foreword from Founder and Managing Director of B4U TRAVEL Markos E.Damanakis

B4U Travel has been established:
With knowledge of the new challenges facing the tourism market and the use of innovative ideas to meet them, which are based on extensive experience & expertise in the tourism industry.

Our main objective is to operate as a reliable partner with everyday working knowledge of the tourism market, demonstrating our experience and professionalism and working in collaboration with our partners.

With a team of dedicated professionals, who will respond with quality initiatives, experience and creativity; offering unique products and services; and launching new programs in order to facilitate the needs of each individual market and partner.

Markos E.Damanakis

Founder of B4U Travel & Managing Director

Principle goals

  • To exceed all expectations in terms of services offered

  • To establish a unique working relationship with each of our partners

  • To deliver outstanding customer service

  • To meet the demands of a diversifying tourism market in conjunction with our partners