To deliver an integrated project such as conference requires a long-term process. With a team of specialists with extensive experience in creating, designing and implementing creative projects and in cooperation with qualified partners we will deliver to you a full package of qualitative, creative and perfectly combined services for your meetings.

Regardless if you addressed to us for a meeting of few attendees or for a conference of thousands of attendees, our dedicated team will handle with professionalism your project from the stage of creation till its implementation, designing with you step by step a project that will meet all your expectations.

We will provide you with all necessary services for:


We will handle all your reservations offering a wide range of accommodations covering all budgets & tastes.


Our transfer department, will arrange & supervise your transportation from your arrival & departure to all the transportations that you will need locally, offering a wide range of options from VIP transfer to shuttle buses.

Planning & Designing:

Our dedicated team will deliver a complete project with detailed timetable planning, personalized event designing & budgeting.

Venue Consulting:

We will manage, on destination, the research of the venue according to your requests keeping up the regulations of Health & Safety standards, to ensure that your conference venue will meet your expectations.

Exclusive Operation & Administration Support:

With our team on site supervising the operations, coordinating all conference services, handling and resolving any issues on site and providing all the assistance to attendees & guests. We are able to provide high-quality services.

Our helpful and efficient team at Help Desk will assist with registrations on site, information for all events & activities on site or any last minute changes, as well as by delivering all conference material & guiding the attendees and guests. 

Online Services:

By designing & constructing conference website with all useful information on conference & destination, providing online registration & booking forms.

Pre & Post-Event programs:

Pre-event content is an important element for delivering a successful event, making the most of powerful social media tools, complete itineraries and special packages we aim to engage all the attendees before the conference takes place. Following an event, activities are equally important for those who are aiming to make the best out effort for a successful event. Post-event surveys often provide the most meaningful feedback, offering valuable information into the success of your conference.

Special Events & Activities:

A wide range of personalized events & activities able to meet each attendee needs will complete a successful meeting by adding value to the overall package.


Our Operation team will ensure, the appropriate venue to plan and coordinate your gala dinner, cocktail reception or thematic party providing all the required arrangements, from your transportation to the venue & back to your accommodation, to decoration of the venue according to the event, Dj’s music or live bands & musicians.

Food & Beverages:

In cooperation with specialists, we will plan your menu with quality control.

Translation / Interpretation Services:

We will arrange for you professional translators & interpretations.

Conference material & Accessories:

We can undertake, on destination, the processing and producing of conference badges, signs and printing material as well as the selection and preparation of creative gifts and accessories for the attendees. 

AV & Microphone Installation Services:

You will have full technical support using the latest technology, to guarantee a perfect presentation for your meeting. 

IT Support:

Completed technical coverage and Information handling

Sponsorship programs for Art Shows & Exhibitions:

We will handle, on destination, the research and the selection of the appropriate sponsors for your event.

Photo & Video Coverage:

We will arrange for you professional’s photographer & videographer. 


Are you ready for success?

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