Greece is an ideal place for training and leisure, as the birthplace of Olympic Games is one country that respects and knows very well the importance of sport.

Our expert & experience team, able to provide a full package of quality services by creating, planning, delivering & supervising special organized tours of sports events & activities, offering a wide range of modern facilities which can host any sports team or activity combined with the proper Mediterranean diet, one of the healthiest diets worldwide, the incredible natural beauty of this country and many other programs and activities specially tailored to the needs of each group we can offer the ultimate destination for Sports & Leisure.

Our services:


Offering a range of accommodations covering all budgets & tastes, accommodations which include sports facilities, they are nearby the sports event is taking place, or they are located on the site of your training venue, depending on your needs, our team will handle your reservations efficiently and effectively.


Our transfer department will handle & supervise all transportations, offering all necessary services for arrival & departure transfer, shuttle buses for in between transfers, from the accommodation to the sports venue and back to the accommodation, private group transfers. Or Special transfers for your sports gear.

Planning & Designing:

Our experienced team will deliver a complete project according to your requests, with detailed timetable planning, personalized event designing &budgeting.

Sports Venue Consulting:

We will manage, the research of the sports venue keeping up the regulations of Health & Safety standards, in order to deliver you the appropriate sports facilities that will meet your needs.

Exclusive venues:

Our expert team will obtain, design, and supervise any event is requested, gala dinner, cocktail reception, or awards ceremony, by coordinate all the required arrangements, for entertainment, live Bands & musicians or DJ’s music, decoration according to the event & your requests by planning your meals and menus or catering solutions with quality control and covering your event with professional photographers & videographers.

Special events & activities:

A wide range of personalized events & activities able to meet each individual’s or group’s needs adjusted to your training program will complete a successful sports event by adding value to the overall package.

24h Assistance:

Our dedicated team will provide you 24h services for any unexpected cases until the full conduct of your program.


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